Injeflex is the most modern IUD factory in the world, with Canadian know-kow based on 30 years of experience and more than 45 million IUDs sold, complying with all international quality standards.

Optima is produced in a class 100,000 clean room, where treated and filtered air is changed more than 20 times an hour and monitored for absence of bacteria and fungi. Injefex's commitment extends to the complete quality control of all raw materials used.

All these precautions guarantee Injeflex produce Optima with Total Quality

IUD (intra-uterine device)

The best option of contraception

"When you think of it, the IUD is really an unsung, under-promoted success story."  More

Not all women may take contraceptive pills or contraceptive products that release hormones in the body. More

Family Planning - Omission and Hypocrisy - By Drauzio Varella


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