OPTIMA DIU TCu 380S with Steriload

The Steriload consists of a molded body made of transparent High-Impact Polystyrene that facilitates the insertion of the "T" with a copper cylinder applied to each of its arms and a spiral of copper wire wrapped around the rod, without manual contact to the bending of the horizontal arms of the "T" for insertion into the applicator tube.

  • Absence of sharp corners for better comfort
  • 20% greater recovery of form after flexion
  • The body of OPTIMA contains barium sulfate, which makes it radiopaque
  • Copper cylinder with rounded ends, decreasing friction during insertion
  • The copper in the wire and cylinder is 99.99% pure
  • Largest copper surface on the market: 380 mm with contraceptive efficacy for 10 years
  • 50% stronger suture on the wire and anchorage

Benefits that guarantee the well-being and safety of your patient!

Studies indicate that IUD users continue using the method for much longer than those using other reversible contraceptive methods. The continuation rate in one year is around 86%. In the first year of use, the pregnancy rate is 0.6 to 0.8%. In subsequent years the annual pregnancy rate is even lower.

• Efficacy comparable to that of oral contraceptives (greater than 99%) and lower long-term costs

• Same efficiency as tubal ligation, at a lower cost, and with easy and immediate reversibility

• Easy insertion, takes no more than 5 minutes

• Requires little care after insertion

• Long-term method, effective for 10 years

• Does not interfere with sexual intercourse

• Does not decrease sexual appetite or pleasure

• Do not have the side effects of using hormones